Is A Constellation Just A Consolation?

“If freckles don’t mean anything, does anything mean anything?” (Darwin Deez, “Constellations”)

This is somewhat of a ‘look at the nifty stuff folks cranked out while this blog gathered dust’ post. And honestly, the once-a-month posting pattern isn’t ideal but I’ve been working on different projects. These shoes from Surf Co. need no words, just teleport from Emma Gilmour’s profile and buy them already. Seriously, go. Oh, and the calculator watch from Reek only has about 2 million color options (not enough Riq, slacker!) And lastly this vest/shirt combo by Young Urban– Trevor is one of the few designers than can make me wear color and actually like it. Hrmph.


–Style Notes–

  • Shoes: Guys’ Boardwalkers – Donegal Tweed by Surf Co.
  • Vest/Shirt: Test Match Vest Green by Young Urban
  • Jeans: jeans grey HOLES by Curiosity
  • Glasses: Friedlander glasses by Cheap Makeup
  • Hat: Leather hat Brown by Meriken Co.
  • Necklace: Mix Tape Necklace by The Syndicate (no longer available)
  • Watch: Calculator Watch by Reek
  • Skin: [ Adam Crius_Origin ][ Shaven ] by The Abyss
  • Eyes: Custom
  • Hair: The Scheduler /Dark Brown Highlighted/ by Aitui

Poses by Dismorph.

Seven Miles From My Front Porch

“You swept all the red from my cheeks, I didn’t hear you come back inside” (Freelance Whales, “Broken Horse”)

Hi! It’s been a while. I’ve been very busy with various projects, including being a Le.Look guest stylist for the month of February. You can see our styles here if you’re so inclined! I’ve missed quite a few excellent releases, including the incredible (I can’t stress that word enough) hoodie by Reek. It includes a HUD to make for zillions upon zillions of combinations. My other obsessions include this necklace from This is a Fawn as well as the essential jeans from Doppelganger. Also, London from Sugar and Spice made some adorable Valentine’s lingerie- even if it isn’t your favorite holiday, looking cute never hurt anyone. Right?


–Style Notes–


  • Shoes: PornStar Lo-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit
  • Shirt: henley neck shirt pink by Saikin
  • Jeans: Jeans Light Grey by Doppelganger Inc.
  • Hoodie: Laundry Day Hoodie – Red by Reek
  • Glasses: Ray-band Glasses by Wrigglesworth
  • Necklace: Corvus Necklace [gold tones] by This is a Fawn
  • Skin: [ Adam Crius_Origin ][ Shaven ] by The Abyss
  • Eyes: Zbilja Eyes (Grey) by Exodi
  • Hair: Dane/duskwood by Exile


  • Shoes: Supermarket shoes [Valentine] by Duboo
  • Shirt: Off shoulder shirt White  by Mr. Poet
  • Lingerie: PopStar – icy pink by Sugar & Spice
  • Skin: Sundust FREX [Light] June-Pure 1 by Curio
  • Eyes: Zbilja Eyes (Grey) by Exodi
  • Hair: FAYE V2_caramel by Mirone

Poses by skin&bones, dismorph. and @Waffles!.

P.S. The furniture / interior store I’ve been working on for some time, {theosophy}, has finally opened up at ALBERO Home & Garden. There are some other great stores around me as well, so you should drop by sometime.

I Used To Live In A Heartbeat City

“You might be walking around a corner, and our eyes might meet.” (YACHT, “Psychic City”)

If you haven’t been up to date on the feeds lately, you might have missed that creators are setting up items for the Haiti relief fund via Red Cross. This Maitreya hair is just one of the dozens of items for sale– go check it out here. Also, Glitterati has absolutely adorable new umbrella poses– in a variety of singles and couples poses.


–Style Notes–

  • Boots: 2WayBeltLaceupBoots_Gray/Female by ANEXX
  • Shirt: Loose shirt white by Mr. Poet
  • Treggings: Corduroy Treggings – Black by Fishy Strawberry
  • Tank: HighRise Tank [LILAC] by !Ohmai
  • Scarf: Super Scarf!  Softie Mauve by &Bean
  • Skirt: Mini High Waisted Skirt Pinstripe Khaki by Luck Inc.
  • Skin: Hiccup Tan Skin – Swoon by Tres Blah
  • Eyes: Zbilja Eyes (Grey) by Exodi
  • Hair: Sasha – Ash Blond by Maitreya

Poses by Glitterati and @Waffles!.

Mama Was A Bad Dancer

“When you put the two together, you get nothing at all.” (Primary 1 & Riton, “Radiates”)

I’m aiming for shorter, less rambling blog posts. Anyhow, Iki released the new Rodd skins. They’re a cross between the Nik and Mace skins released earlier, and quite dashing. Redheaded boys should also head down to Dutch Touch, because she released a male skin aptly named Red. Oh, and this jacket by Madsy was actually made to fit girls, so adjusting it was hell– but I love the style far too much to have given up.


–Style Notes–

  • Boots: Le.Look l’homme boots by Hoorenbeek
  • Jacket: Lost Sheep Leather Jacket by Madsy
  • Jeans: Jeans #103 by Meriken Co.
  • Shirt: Gorira T by Arai
  • Scarf: ‘Layered Scarf’ in Sky by VG
  • Gloves: ‘Brody Gloves’ by VG
  • Skin: ROdd – Cream by Dutch Touch
  • Eyes: Zbilja Eyes (Grey) by Exodi
  • Hair: sharp3(black) by Eko Eko

Poses by Don’t Freak Out! and LeLutka.

An Attic In A Basement

“The grass gets greener when you get to the finish line.” (Architecture in Helsinki, “The Owls Go”)

I suppose I could wish you a Happy New Year, but I’ve procrastinated far too long on this post. Yes, the photos were taken in 2009. That being said, I’m surprised I still have a blog running, considering my long history of starting and never finishing projects. I’m feeling slightly pleased, and excited. Onto the post, in which I can’t decide if I’m posh or bratty.

Epoque has been releasing its new collection of eyewear, Eclipse over the past few weeks– with both updated past favorites and brand-new styles. I’m especially fond of the Essential Frames, and if you look at my past posts I think you’ll see why– it’s a style I use often. Trevor from Young Urban creates fantastic casuals including this (semi-newly released) sweater vest, and he even managed to sneak a little yellow into my post. Actual color? In my fashion posts? Unheard of.

Credits are under the cut.


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Toothpaste Smiles Don’t Seem So Bright

“I”m marching on, don’t revise– I don’t mind.” (Maxïmo Park, “The Kids Are Sick Again”)

‘Tis the season when people groan about the influx of red, green, and fur-trimmed freebies. Oh, and lack of transferable items. For me, it’s a time of reflecting (mostly about how much time I’ve squandered away spent online) and generally looking forward to a new year. But here to add to the list of wonderful things that happened in 2009, is Hermony‘s new skin.

If you’re familiar with Hermony designer Hermanni Laville’s work, then the quality of this skin will not surprise you. Little details are hidden in every corner of the mesh, making for quite the realistic skin. His entourage has been teasing me with photos of this skin for months now, and it’s finally arrived– I’m not disappointed. This is the lightest tone available for for the Kriz skin, and you can choose from 6 different facial hair styles. The options included in each pack are endless, from hairbases to eyeliner to shadow. Hermanni said he’s still improving; I think he’s already done quite the job, but I’m definitely excited to see future skinlines from him.

Credits are under the cut.


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Some Peculiar Fix

“What is it that you do? You gotta get back up yourself.” (Mew, “Introducing Palace Players”)

Quality male skin releases are so few and far between that every time a skin designer announces a new face, shouts of glee can be heard across the grid. In every skybox, naked males with “demo” stamped across their faces will fervently toy with their shape. This new release by Dutch Touch is indeed one of those joyous occasions. Introducing Nik and Mace, two of the fresh faces in the soon-to-come full male skin lineup by Iki Ikarus. According to her, today’s release is just a preview– there is more to come in the new year.

The first face, Mace, is the more mature one of the two. Wider lips and heavyset brows give him a stronger look, which I really like.  The body (same on both skins) is well defined, but not so heavily that I end up looking like a bodybuilder. It’s a medium build that will work for a variety of shapes, and absolutely flawless. Both come with a hairbase option, three styles of facial hair, and subtle pubic hair. That’s 8 skins in a pack– men hardly ever get this many options compared to female skins, so I’m quite excited.

Nik is the softer one of the two, but definitely not boyish. His brows are more versatile, so the general expression will probably differ from shape to shape unlike Mace. His lips are also easier to adjust, making for a poutier look. I find the cuter look a little bit more attractive, so Nik is probably my favorite out of both. Make no mistake though, I’m deeply in love with both faces.

Credits are under the cut.


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